Rama Maline,  Timothy O'Connor, Talene Ghazarian, Simon Hovakimian, Traci Belmore, Katrina Manookian, Daphne Lee

Budget, Investment and Finance

 Rama Maline, Timothy O'Connor, Warren Williams, Traci Belmore, Jaclyn Grossman, Katy Scott-Smith

Bylaws and Policy File

 Anthony Seferian, Katrina Mannokian, Wade DiCosmo, Simon Hovakimian, Tim O'Connor


Katy Scott-Smith, Warren Williams, 

Ryan Smith, Nima Razfar

Contracting Out

Warren Williams, Timothy O'Connor


 Rama Maline, Katrina B. Manookian, Timothy O'Connor, Wade DiCosmo, Anthony Seferian, Jaclyn Grossman, Talene Ghazarian, Simon Hovakimian


Rama Maline, Katherine Scott-Smith, Talene Ghazarian, Traci Belmore, Simon Hovakimian, Wade DiCosmo


 Timothy O'Connor, Rama Maline


The CASE Board of Directors

Political Action

 Timothy O'Connor, Rama Maline, Katy Scott-Smith, Jaclyn Grossman, Wade DiCosmo, Ryan Smith, Simon Hovakimian

Retirement and Benefits

Rama Maline, Anthony Seferian, Talene Ghazarian, Katrina Mannokian, Katherine Scott-Smith

Small Department Committee

Traci Belmore, Katherine Scott-Smith, Tim O'Connor

Judges and Hearing Officers


Traci Belmore, Simon Hovakimian, Tim O'Connor, Wade DiCosmo


& Committee Members