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Insurance & Finance Benefits

CASE provides every Voting Member with a complimentary $7,500 standard life insurance policy. We are pleased to also make available to our members a supplemental life insurance policy, as well as a long term disability policy. A description of the policies can be found below.


For more information, or if you have specific questions about the insurance policies below, please contact Nancy Bond at Nancy Bond Insurance Services at (800) 685-4519 or by email at

We also offer a complimentary travel assistance program through MEDEX, free access to Health Advocate, an employee assistance program, and discounted home and auto insurance through Liberty Mutual. CASE's financial adviser, Craig V. Parker has extended his services to CASE Members at a negotiated rate though Ameriprise*.

Nancy Bond Insurance

The Standard 

Health Advocate

Liberty Mutual

Ameriprise Financial​

*Discounts and special offers do not imply endorsements

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Privacy Protection Program

Over 1,800 members of CASE serve The People of California as Deputy Attorney Generals, Deputy State Public Defenders, and Administrative Law Judges. Unfortunately, recent and increasingly frequent incidents of violence have been directed towards prosecutors, public defenders, and judges at their homes. Leading researchers link the availability of personal information about potential targets as a significant factor to consider in calculating threat assessment.

California Government Code section 6254.21 prohibits any person, business, or association from publicly posting the home address or telephone number of any Public Safety, Elected, or Appointed Official as defined by that section. Deputy Attorney Generals and Deputy State Public Defenders are defined as "Public Safety Officials" by Government Code sections 6254.21, subdivision (e)(13), and 6254.24. Similarly, Administrative Law Judges are defined as "Elected or Appointed Officials" by Government Code section 6254.21, subdivision (e)(14). Accordingly, all eligible CASE Voting members are entitled to this important legislation.

As a service to its members, CASE is pleased to offer our Privacy Protection Program. Any Voting Member entitled to the protection of Government Code section 6254.21 may fill out a personal information opt-out form which is available by clicking on the button below. Once this form has been filled out and received by the CASE office, it will be copied and sent to each of the major directory websites and sources that contain residential addresses and telephone numbers, along with a letter demanding that the member's home address and telephone number be removed from all databases under their control. For those directory websites and sources that only permit opt-out requests to be made online, such requests will be made by CASE on behalf of the member.

CASE encourages all eligible members to take advantage of the Privacy Protection Program. Please feel free to contact the CASE office with any questions or concerns about this program.

1. Download the Personal Information Opt-Out Form by clicking on the button below. 
2. Fill out the form, and send it to the CASE office by mail, fax, or email.

Discounted ABA Membership

Voting Members -- you are eligible for American Bar Association membership at a substantially discounted rate!

To take advantage of this special offer, please click on the link below to download an application and select your Judicial Division conference plus any additional sections or divisions you may wish to join. Then, send your check (payable to the American Bar Association) or credit card information to our group administrator, ALJ Patricia Miles, P.O. Box 21082, Oakland, CA  94620

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Judge Miles, the ABA Group Administrator, at (415) 703-3180.

Click to download ABA membership brochure (Adobe Acrobat, 100KB)

Click to download ABA membership application/ FAQ/2020 rates (Adobe Acrobat, 199KB)

Online Shopping
Additional Member Discounts

Voting Members of CASE are provided with discounts for fun activities up-and-down the state. For access, please email

  • Sacramento Kings & Golden 1 Center (Sacramento)

  • San Jose Sharks & SAP Center (San

  • Legoland (Carlsbad)

  • San Diego Zoo (San Diego)

  • All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting (Northern CA)

  • Natural History Museum (Los Angeles)

  • Hornblower Dinner Cruise (San Diego)

  • Roaring Camp Railroads (Near Santa Cruz)

  • San Francisco Wax Museum (San Francisco)

  • L.A. Zoo (Los Angeles)

  • Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (Buena Park)

  • And more!