CASE Endorses David Miller for CalPERS At-Large Position A

CASE strongly endorses David Miller for the CalPERS Member-at-Large Position A. Mr. Miller is a Senior Environmental Substances Scientist at the Department of Toxic Substances Control. He is a long-time union member and has served twice as his union’s statewide president (CAPS, Unit 10). Mr. Miller will put the interests of employees and retirees first, as he has proven for 25 years as a union member, union leader and founder of Californians for Retirement Security, a coalition formed to help protect public employee pensions.

Mr. Miller has been an outspoken proponent in the media and local government. He has fought against countless anti-pension proposals and has backed legislation to help protect pensions, such as Prop. 162 (The Pension Protection Act). He was on the front lines opposing Governor Wilson’s raids on CalPERS, and we trust him to continue to fight for and protect our pensions, ensure high-quality, affordable healthcare, and restore integrity and transparency at CalPERS. CASE urges you to vote David Miller for CalPERS. You should receive your ballot by mail in early September. To learn more, please visit

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