BU2 Members Eligible for $100 Toward State Bar Sections or Associations of Choice

CASE would like to remind our members that in accordance with MOU Section 13.7(D), members shall be reimbursed by their employer for up to $100 annually for memberships in job-related bar associations, specialty sections, or local bar sections of their choice, if a California State Bar membership is required as a condition of employment. This is in addition to having your California State Bar dues being paid as outlined in MOU Section 13.7(A).

CASE encourages its members to support a state or local bar section by making an election. State bar sections are reliant upon their members now more than ever because they are now considered separate from the California State Bar. If a member does not make an election to spend the provided $100 on a local or specialty bar section, it does not roll-over.

If California State Bar membership is not required as a condition of your employment, you will instead receive two days of professional leave per calendar year in accordance with MOU Section 13.7(B). CASE encourages you to use all of your days of professional leave each year because they do not roll-over.

As always, your support of CASE and your colleagues in Bargaining Unit 2 is greatly appreciated.

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