CASE Open Enrollment

As we mentioned in our message to you yesterday, we are very pleased to be able to offer our members a combined policy of Universal Life Insurance coverage as well as Long Term Care. This policy is offered with extremely minimal medical screening before May 18, 2018. These policies are also portable and can be maintained even if you leave state service. In addition, it is open enrollment for Long Term Disability Insurance. For Long Term Disability Insurance, there are no medical questions asked. This is a rare opportunity to get access to excellent policies at great rates.

Our insurance broker, Nancy Bond, has reported that many of our members are calling in eager to purchase a plan and requesting additional information. Therefore, along with the informative video, we have attached a product brochure on the new program.

A correction to our message that was sent to you yesterday: There is NO open enrollment for our Term Life Insurance policy offered through The Standard Insurance, however, that policy is still available with regular medical screening.

If you are interested in these programs and would like to become a Voting member of CASE, our membership application can be filled out on our website at If you are already a Voting member, thank you. You may inquire about these policies by contacting the Enrollment Line directly at (800) 718-9557.

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