Retirement Planning Services Through Ameriprise

CASE would like to announce a new financial planning service available to our Voting Members who are nearing retirement. After long and successful careers with the State of California, our members will collect their well-deserved pensions and retirement benefits from CalPERS. We would like to offer our members some guidance on how to manage their retirement finances properly so that you can fully enjoy your retirement without worry.

CASE is offering a retirement planning service through our financial advisor, Craig V. Parker of Ameriprise. He has given us exceptional advice on money management, so we are excited to extend his services to our members at a special, negotiated rate. For more information, or if you would like to sign up for the program, please contact Craig Parker, financial advisor, at (916) 787-5647. This offer is only available to Voting Members of CASE. If you are a Mandated Fee-Payer and would like to sign up, please go to and fill out a membership application.

We are continuing our membership drive for the rest of the year. For signing up as a new member, you will receive an entry into our bi-monthly $100 Amazon gift card drawing and receive a CASE ballpoint pen. There are more rewards available for signing up colleagues, as well. For more information, please go to and look for the article titled “CASE Membership Drive”.

We are still accepting public service stories from our members. If you know of a time when your state service benefited the community or State of California, email, so we can feature your story.

The best way to stay in-touch with CASE is to make sure we have a current email address on file for you. If you would like to receive our daily updates, follow us on social media at,, and

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