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Dear Member of Bargaining Unit 2:

As you have probably heard, several bargaining units have agreed to the Personal Leave Program (PLP) furloughs Governor Newsom proposed to offset the Covid-19 budget shortfall. Those agreements cover nearly 150,000 of California’s 225,000 employees. A budget agreement has also been reached between Governor Newsom and the California Legislature that includes budget savings equal to two days of furloughs for every unit.

The CASE Bargaining Team has been in intensive negotiations with the State for many weeks concerning furloughs and our MOU that expires June 30, 2020. However, we have not yet been able to reach an agreement. The Governor can impose furloughs if we do not come to an agreement.

We remain committed to negotiating an agreement that treats the legal professionals of CASE in a fair and equitable way. We are seeking an agreement that accounts for our historically high salary deficit and protects our members from having their healthcare benefits reduced during the greatest healthcare crisis in a century. We are fighting to ensure any furlough/PLP days that are part of that agreement have maximum flexibility, comply with existing law, and consider the disparate impact furloughs have on salaried professionals who are governed by judicial and legal canons. The CASE Bargaining Team will continue to meet with the State this week and will inform you of any information as soon as possible.

This email may not reach all CASE members. Accordingly, CASE encourages you to pass this email along to any of your colleagues who may not have received it. If you are not receiving CASE emails and wish to receive future communications from CASE, please send an email to and request to be added to the distribution list. CASE also encourages you to send responses from your personal email address as opposed to your state email address. Please keep in mind that all responses will be treated as confidential by CASE.

As always, your support of CASE and your colleagues in Bargaining Unit 2 is greatly appreciated.


The CASE Board of Directors

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